Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring break in Moab, Utah

Our spring break was back in March and if you want to enjoy some warm weather you have to leave Colorado during spring break because it almost always is cold and snowy at that time. We left on Friday morning and drove our trailer up over the Colorado mountains and arrive in the desert oasis of Moab, Utah in the early afternoon. Spencer, Chase and friend Codi drove the jeep following us. We set up the trailer and camp and then went for a bike ride on the Slippery Rock practice trail. It is always a difficult ride but gets easier each time. Lots of sandstone, hills and valleys and a few sand pits to trudge through. But it is way fun!
We camped at the Slickrock Campground and enjoyed the camp with Steve's little sisters Teri and Jody and their families. Our friends, The Packers joined us also...it was fun to see them again! We enjoyed the hot tubs at the campground, went biking and jeeping and on Sunday afternoon, after church, we went to Arches National Park and hiked to delicate arch. Maddie, Mike, Lilly and Grandma Merta came on Saturday night and spent 2 nights with us...it was Lilly's first camp trip and she loved the fire. It was also Grandma's 69th birthday so we celebrated with a dutch oven chocolate turtle cake and ice cream.
Lots of fun was had and we enjoyed 80 degree temps for the first few days and then it was in the 60's but very nice.
This was our 3rd annual trip to Moab for Spring break and we love it lots! Especially when we get to see family and friends!!!

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  1. That trip was SO MUCH FUN! I am sure looking forward for next years trip :D.