Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Prince takes his Princess to Prom

Tonight is Prom at Liberty High School. Chase asked Jessica Porter to it and they doubled with Codi and his date. This afternoon the boys slaved in the kitchen making breadsticks, caesar salad, and lasagna. They set the table to look like an Italian restaurant and then picked up their dates around 7 pm. Apparently the dinner was fabulous and they all went away very full. The dance is at the Press Box on the Air Force Academy and the theme is "A Night in Paris"
Steve and I get to chaperone the "after prom" activities at the high school from midnight until 0400...sounds like fun, Huh!!! Don't they all look fabulous!!!

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  1. What a handsome group of kids...ok, so maybe I'm biased! :) It sounds like they all have fun!