Sunday, June 13, 2010

Catching Up!

In the last several months we've had Homecommings, Family Holidays together, Lilly's Birthday, Great News from promotion to scholarships, and a Graduation.

Steve returned from his deployment to Creech AFB in December after being away from the family for 4-months.

Then we had Christmas at our house. Maddie, Mike, and Lilly were able to come, and they brought Grandma Mert with them. We got to spend a great week spending time with each other, and doing a little skiing together.

Brenda went to Utah for Lilly's first birthday. Poppy had to stay home to work but he shared in the festivities via Skype while Lilly blew out her candles and ate her cake. It's hard to believe she's already a year old. She's started walking one day before she turned 10 months old.

Then February was a very eventful month. Spencer had his 21st birthday, we found out that Chase got a 4-year ROTC scholarship, and Steve will be promoted to Colonel in August 2011.

We expected in April to find out about our next move, but with the pending promotion, the Air Force decided to leave us in Colorado Springs for a while.

May was pretty eventful. Chase and Austin had been practicing for a dance festival for the entire year and in May they had the big event! It was fantastic. They really shined in every dance number they were in. Mike, Maddie, Lilly, Gigi and Gma Toddy came to visit for Graduation and to see the dance festival. We drove almost to the top of Pikes Peak (the Rangers would not let us drive all the way cause of the snow ) We took Lilly to a park in Manitou Springs and had a picnic. WE went to the Royal Gorge bridge and then to a hot spring pool and then On May 19th Chase graduated from Liberty High School.

This summer Chase will be working at Camp Firewalker as their Lifeguard fro the entire month of June, then begins our camping trips, family reunions, trip to Lake Powell, traveling to Dallas for a wedding, then who knows what else.

This catches us up, and I'm sure I missed a lot, but I've done my best. Hopefully we'll do better in the future.