Tuesday, May 12, 2009

River dancing under hypnosis

Chase and Austin participated in a hypnosis at a comedy club on Saturday night...here's just a little bit of what they did! Too Funny!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day weekend

We drove to Utah for Mother's day weekend, leaving Friday afternoon and getting to Provo late Friday night. The drive was beautiful through the mountains and we were surprised to see so much snow still up in the mountains. As we got closer to Glenwood Springs, everything was greener and spring like...it's about time. On Saturday Steve and I went for a walk/run in the morning and then we went to American Fork to see the mobile home my mom is buying and then Steve took the boys to Mike and Maddies to deliver the washer and dryer that came out of our house and I went with Grandma Merta to the Anderson Mother's Day Luncheon. It was great to see all of my female relatives at Brick Oven restaurant. We had a tribute to my grandma Madeline Anderson's hands because she was always busy with her hands...either serving her family, neighbors or others.
After the luncheon, Maddie and I went shopping for a while...it was fun to try on clothes together and of course I had to buy Lilly an outfit too.
We all then went to the hospital to visit Steve's mom Claudia. She wasn't doing too well so the kids made it a fairly quick visit and then Steve and I stayed to visit longer with his siblings and mom.
One of the highlights of the day was going up to Salt Lake to get a Belgium waffle and Frites...sounds funny but ooohhhh they were sooooo good. Just like we remembered in Belgium. Hot, moist and sweet with crunchy sugar bits. After filling up on waffles and frites we headed back down to Orem and went to a comedy hypnotist show. It was so funny...the hypnotist got to Chase and Austin and they were hilarious playing out whatever they were told to do...they were back up dancers to "Brittany Spears", belly dancers, river dancers, race car drivers and one of the funniest was that Austin was a fashion coordinator (complete with a lisp) and Chase was a dandruff inspector and they went out to the audience and inspected people...too funny when Austin came back to the stage and crossed his legs!
We completed the weekend with a Mother's day brunch at my mom's house and had fun talking to Amanda (our niece) in Germany on the Skype internet...her boys are so cute!
So, spending time with Maddie, Lilly and Grandma's was a great way to spend our Mother's day weekend. Now Steve and I are looking forward to our cruise in a couple of weeks to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!!!