Sunday, September 20, 2009

Super Hero Birthday Party

Birthday boy takes a bite out of crime (cake)
A Super Hero cake for a super kid
Nice shirt from Courtney
Clark Kent eats Kryptonite (jello jigglers)

Super Hero Sandwich's

Awesome Super Hero Cake (sure glad we kept all the Super Hero toys)

Raphael (Austin) & Batgirl (Courtney): Best Friends

The Super Hero Clan...let's hope we don't need any saving the planet anytime soon!!!

Clark Kent...aka Chase

Austin is Raphael...TMNT...he wanted to have a Super hero party for his 15th he made the invitations and I made him a turtle shell for his costume. Some of his friends couldn't come because of the flu, and other commitments but the 6 that were at the party had fun. We ate Hero sandwich's with chips and "kryptonite" (aka lime jello jigglers), watched "Xmen orignins, Wolverine", ate fun dips, m&ms and cake...then they went outside to the fire pit and sat around a fire for a while (nobody wanted smores after all the other sugar). Then they tested their agility by playing the paper sack game....If you don't know how to play's pretty funny! The party was over at 11pm and Austin had to do the clean up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR SON! You are growing up into a fine young man...we just have to keep the ladies away for a few more years (wish us luck on that one).

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! I was laughing so hard. I love that he had a super hero party! We love Austin, I'm so glad that he had a fun party and what an awesome boy to clean up after!!! Happy 15 dude, sorry I didn't call you! I'm a slacker.